Wednesday, August 3, 2011

room find #1

As I clean out my old room I will post some of the finds here.

Today I bring you the highly-requested I Am A Gerbil, circa 1989. It is a fully-illustrated, bound and laminated (so you know it's serious), 8-page book.

I am a gerbil.

I just got into a big big room with all these kids. They made me a new cage. My name is Buster.

These kids use these weird sticks to write with. I think I'm going to like it here.

One night I got out of my cage.

In the morning I got in and they didn't know it. I loved getting out of my cage.

I am strong so I busted out of my cage because I wanted to and I am a boy.

About the Author: I am 7years old. I go to Dogwood. I live in Resten[sic], Va. My birthday is July 2. My favorite animal is a gerbil. I like to learn. I wish I had 1000 dollars.

Let's break this down.

Buster's name was apropos as he eventually busted out of his cage. Literary genius right there.

Apparently, the only condition necessary for liking a new home is a bunch of kids with weird stick-like writing implements. Be on the lookout for that next time you're house hunting.

The kids didn't know the gerbil got back in the cage? Sentence fail. I take back the literary genius comment.

Girls can be strong and bust out of cages too! Damn gender stereotyping going strong in the 2nd grade.

I was seriously low-balling that wish for money. I should have added a few more zeros.


  1. I smell a sequel! What did Buster do when he left his cage?!

  2. I was about to comment on the gender stereotypes. So funny! :)

  3. PS: I think I always spell your last name wrong.

  4. I LAUGHED! I CRIED! This is amazing. Also I laughed out loud when read "I wish I had 1000 dollars" I love you.

  5. Even then you had super neat handwriting!

  6. Haha, Ro! It's definitely typed.

  7. I love the last sentence. "I wish I had 1000 dollars" i.e. "Where is my book deal?" I look forward to this series. This is quality stuff.