Thursday, August 4, 2011

the district

I spent Sunday in DC with these fine people...

... and their parents.
We started the morning off at the Washington Monument.

It's tall.
We then went to the tidal basin where we encountered a sidewalk full of sprinklers. Godsend. When not being sprayed with water we were pretty much dying. The kids, however, were able to sit in the shaded stroller.

Even if it was just made for two.
All 3kids have the same birthday (though the boys are a year older) and there's been some debate over whether Maddie will eventually end up with Ryan or Jack. I think it has now been determined:

Lucky guy, that Ryan.
It was then off to the nearby World War II Memorial where we were instructed to put our feet in the pool by the ranger.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Then lunch. Then children freaking out. Then saying bye to Meredith (hopefully not for another year!). Then driving home.

Then NAP.


  1. Cute kids; cute parents; cute photographer!

  2. We have the same stroller for Rivka (but for one baby, not two, of course).

    Also, when I hear people calling DC "The District," it makes me happy; I was born there, and it reminds me of living there many, many years ago.

  3. i love that the three of them hold hands.

  4. i can't believe i missed mer being here :(

  5. LB, She was only here for 2 days and just to help her dad move. We almost weren't able to sneak her away for even a couple of hours!

  6. i like the boys reaching for the top of the monument.

  7. L., Kelley would be glad to hear that! All morning she was trying to convince Meredith to buy the single version. We think she might be getting some kind of commission on the side.

  8. These pictures are fantastic. And adorable. And...sweaty. You are troopers.