Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I've been away from here for about a week now... as a result I don't know what to write, so we're going to tackle this list-style:

The move
  • Off to a rough start with Dad's planes being delayed multiple times. We didn't get to my place in Waterville until 2am on moving day.
  • Friends came over and loaded the truck in 1hour. Did you catch that? ONE hour. Fantastic people.
  • Drove about 7hours on Day 1, 8hours on Day 2.
  • Franklin and Ryan came over to help unload on Thursday.

Being home
  • Started off with spending time with the family.
  • The dog, Jessie, is crazy. In a good way.
  • Need to organize something with my friends SOON. This weekend hopefully.
  • I got to spend Sunday in DC with Kelley and Meredith and their families. Pictures to come.
My days
  • Find employment.
  • Organizing the house. I've started with my old room. Much is being thrown away, but before I get rid of everything I'm going to chronicle some of it here. Hopefully you'll find it funny. Did you know I won a superlative for "Best Legs" in 9th-grade band? Or that in 2nd-grade I wrote a fully-illustrated book, I Am A Gerbil? Just the tip of the iceberg.


  1. i want a PDF copy of I Am A Gerbil.

  2. HAHAHA me too.
    can't wait to see what treasures you uncover as you clean your room.

  3. I laughed out loud at LB's comment.

    Also, if our friends had superlatives, you would totally win "best legs."

  4. I have no recollection of "I Am a Gerbil." Must save until I get back to read this literary treasure!

    By the way, your legs have ALWAYS been the best!

  5. You should come and visit us!! =)

  6. I actually do recall something about Best Legs award...even though I wasn't in band with you that year. Is that weird?