Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I interrupt the regularly-scheduled trip recapping to bring you some updates on previous posts. I know how important my little blog posts are to your daily functioning, so I thought I would contribute to the greater good and fill you in.

Update to p through b: I have now officially listened to every single track in my iTunes catalog. I added some songs since I started, so I had to go back through to find the stragglers, but I have done it. Every single song. Final stats: 19.68gigs = 4815songs = 12.7days. And it only took less than a year. Ah... to now have the freedom to listen to whatever I want again.

Update to anniversary: When I came back from Europe there was a recall notice from Hyundai concerning the airbag sensor. It could be due 1 of 2 issues, and it isn't exactly safe, BUT when I do get it fixed it will be covered. Sure, it's a pain, but at least it's a free pain.

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