Saturday, February 26, 2011

p through b

Sometime last October I realized that I probably hadn't listened to even half of the music on my iPod. You see, I have a lot of music: Oxford's public library allowed you to check out cds, so I was able to obtain a lot of free music... and without monetary limits on my choices, I picked up a lot of music just "because." 

Because I like that one single I might like the whole album. Because I like that one album I might like their discography. Because of peer pressure (i.e., that artist/album is on the charts/won an award/is liked by my friend and I've never heard of them).

Whatever the reasons, I ended up with a lot of music, most of which I just downloaded and then ignored. So last October I decided I would change that and would listen to every single song in my cache. In order. I started with Panic at the Disco (why not?) and have been moving my way through the alphabet.

I probably listen 1-2hours every day, a little more on the weekends. Every little bit helps reach the goal.

I was originally saving this post until I had reached the end goal, but this week I created a mini-goal: to make it through the Bs without ending up in an asylum.

Back back back in the day I really liked the Backstreet Boys. My penchant for them faded as I approached college, but those original albums will always hold a fond spot in my heart. However, due to the no-limit-style of music piracy offered by the library I decided there could be no harm in getting each of their newer albums. I have now learned that there can be harm. It is all just SO BAD.

This was only made worse by the fact that Britney Spears came up in the queue shortly thereafter. I was never a dedicated Britney fan, but there are some songs I like so I gathered up her entire collection in a true example of American greed. Did you know she has a (horrible) song called Soda Pop? Some of this cannot seriously be called music.

Taken together in such a short period of time was almost too much to handle. You may ask why didn't I just stop listening? Or skip them? Or, hell, DELETE the offenders? And to that I answer: My quest was to listen to and I am going to do that. Come hell or high water. [Figuratively, of course. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't battle the spawn of hell just to keep this little mission going.] So everyday that I am home, I am going to listen to my music. Once I'm done I'll go back through and purge.

But the point is I survived the week, and am so glad to be through the Bs that I had to share with the world (or you know, the people that check this site). Though a quick look at what's coming up in the Cs shows that Christina Aguilera is quickly approaching... Wish me luck.

[I'm sure some will ask, so here are the stats: 19.55gigs = 4800songs = 12.7days. And I've been doing this since October and am only through the Bs... 13letters to go!]


  1. OK, so I'm confused. Last time I looked there were 26 letters in the alphabet. What happened to the other 13? Or did you got P-Z and now are listening from A-M? By the way, I remember those Backstreet Boys days--you even got me hooked on their music, although I disagreed with your choice of 'Boy' to swoon over--was it Nick?

  2. Oh my, never Nick! It was AJ, the "bad" boy.

  3. I still like Christina, I don't think it will be quite as painful as the Bs. I can't imagine listening to all my music alphabetically. I would be stuck in D for weeks. That's a lot of Dave Matthews, even for me.

  4. Who doesn't look forward to Christina!!! (I'm totally serious.) We started in on our approximate 30gigs of photos. Organizing into proper folders, marking those to be printed, those to keep on the computer, and those to archive off. I can't believe you're not deleting as you go! Music is next for us.

  5. Dan: I just finished Christina and you're right, it wasn't that bad. It was only 2 albums and some of her newer stuff, so it wasn't the "pop" I had been dreading.

  6. ambition takes on many faces. good luck with your plans. also hope you're having a great time in Boston.... one of my all-time favorite cities!