Friday, May 6, 2011

*head desk*

Landlady's exact words on Wednesday regarding the bathroom: When I come up on Friday, I'll have someone over to fix it.

Coming home today I saw no evidence that anyone was even in my apartment, so I called the landlady. Her response? "Is the ceiling really falling? I didn't think it was that bad. I guess I should have gone in to the apartment when I was there this morning."

What?! The?! #^%&?!

Update #1: And she just now called me back (our 2nd conversation of the day) saying that her normal plumber must have changed his number, and everyone else is so expensive. Followed by a long dramatic pause, complete with sigh. So? Does that mean you want me to say that I can live with it and it shouldn't be fixed? Yes, this sucks for you and your bank account, but it's your responsibility. FIX IT.

Update #2: Aaaaaand she just called again. She's having a plumber come over at 9am on Wednesday, so I need to be there to let him in. Well, I can't be there, I'm giving a final then. Thanks for checking. And her solution is to just take down the panel where the water stain is (good, no need to have pieces falling anymore) and then... nothing. So now nasty leak water is just going to drip on me when I shower? More #^%&?!

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