Thursday, May 5, 2011

the flood gates...

... are open. Literally. Well, not literally. It's more of a leak than a flood. And more of a ceiling than a gate. But you get my meaning.

10days ago my upstairs neighbor asked me for our landlady's phone number. Apparently his shower drain had been clogged for "a while" and he had been showering in the sink, so to speak. He figured it was time to do something about it. Way to be, buddy. Turns out all it needed was some Liquid Plumber, or Drano, or some other toxic Earth-killing substance that does a damn-good job.

At the time I recognized that his shower was directly above my shower, but I saw no evidence of damage in my place, it seemed to be an easy fix, and my landlady wasn't too concerned about, so I promptly forgot about it.

Until Monday.

Monday, while showering, I looked up to see a water stain on the ceiling. Hmm. Has that always been there? I can't remember. I'll wait to see if it gets worse.

Wednesday morning I remembered to look up again. Definitely worse. Much more evident and the crown molding looked water-logged. So I called the landlady and she's having someone come by tomorrow (Friday) to deal with it. Which is definitely good, because by the time I got home Wednesday afternoon pieces of molding, drywall and, well, "junk" (technical term) were falling from the ceiling.

Though I would like my shower fully operational (I have one of those removable shower-heads with a hose so I can still smell and nice all pretty for the world), I find this more comical than anything. I'm looking forward to mumble (school-sponsored faculty happy-hour every Thursday) this afternoon so I can rag on my neighbor concerning his attempts to flood my apartment.

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