Sunday, April 3, 2011


Not to be melodramatic, but I need your prayers...

My flash drive has stopped working. The drive that holds my life - both professional and personal. And no, I'm the fool that hasn't backed it up.

Anyway, please hope for the best so that I can avoid playing a dirge in its honor. I'm taking it to ITS tomorrow.


Also: A huge apology to L., with whom I so rudely cut a conversation short once I realized my data was potentially lost.

Speaking of compromised data - Has anyone else been getting multiple emails from various commercial sources (e.g., banks, online stores, etc.) stating that there had been some kind of unauthorized entry into their email service provider's system and some hacker out there now has my name and email address? But that I shouldn't worry because nothing else was touched?

I've gotten at least 5 such emails. So either there was some synchronized attack on all email service providers, or, really, a lot of companies just use the same one.

Bad weekend for data. Ugh.

Update: IT guy got it to work. Immediately. By doing nothing. I handed it to him, he plugged it into his computer and wah-lah. Instant success. Then he came over to my office computer and it worked. Me? I tried it yesterday on 2different computers, in all possible USB ports, and restarted/unplugged/cursed all machinery. Tried again this morning to no avail. Whatever, I'm glad it's working, but it's still unsettling without any definitive cause. And yes, I'm backing it up now.


  1. I've only received one email from Best Buy that the only info that may have been obtain was my email address. They were using a company called Epsilon.

  2. I am so happy! I've faced my laptop crashing with all its valuable data--some on my flash-drive, some on my school computer, but some ONLY on the laptop. Despair! But the Geek Guy was able to salvage most of it--especially the program and data for all my stitch work--approximately 15 years of projects and inventory. Probably junk to you, but priceless to me.

    A lesson learned--always back up the important stuff! Remember, the technology gremlin is out to get you, whenever, wherever!

  3. so glad it's working now! now go back all of your files up and e-mail your CV to yourself so you always have it on hand!

  4. Investigate dropbox. It's a web/os share folder that allows access anywhere and synches between all computers. FrankieD knows.