Saturday, April 2, 2011


Setting the alarm on my phone the night before a job interview:

Set alarm for 6:00.

Make sure it is 6:00am.

Accidentally set it for 6:00pm.

Switch it back to am.

Double check that it's am.

Go to sleep.

Thought process while waking up the morning of a job interview: 

Ugh. It's 5:57am. At least I can lay here staring at the bedside clock until 6:00am.

Hmm. It's 6:00am. No alarm. The hotel clock must be fast.

Now it's 6:01am. Still no alarm. That clock must really be fast.

6:02. Okay, something is wrong.

(Stumbles in dark to find phone. Check alarm time: 6:00pm.)



And just so you know: When I left home on Thursday around 1:00pm most of the snow had melted. The only snow that remained were the big  plow-dump piles. I was hopeful that spring had come!

When I returned home on Saturday around 1:00am the snow was back (it snowed all day April 1). Covering everything. The reports are varying, but there's 6-12inches out there. Horrible April Fool's joke.

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