Tuesday, March 1, 2011


This week is really busy - my parents are visiting! and a trip to Boston! and a wedding in New Hampshire! - so I planned ahead with a series of scheduled posts involving the aforementioned picture library

Let me introduce you to two of my aunts, Peanut (left) and Raine:

(Hopefully I'm not wrong and just awkwardly showing someone else...)
A couple of years ago my Uncle Karoly passed away, which prompted many Housleys to descended upon VA. I was flying into BWI, and my aunts Peanut and Raine picked me up from the airport. Though the occasion for the impromptu reunion was undoubtedly a sad one, I had a ridiculous amount of fun with these women that day. I don't recall the exact stories or events, but I'm left with such a positive impression of my time with them.  Plus it was inspiring to see the strength of the bond these 2sisters share, though they live on opposite coasts.

Returning to OH, my friend Dave picked me up from the airport and I proceeded to regale him with stories from my visit home, including the time spent with my aunts. Peanut and Raine this. Peanut and Raine that.

It didn't take long for Dave to question my aunts' names and ask if my grandparents were hippies. Those of you knowing my grandparents would know that being "hippies" is pretty far from the truth. Beside that, though, I wasn't quite picking up what exactly had prompted the question. What in my story, my weekend had triggered the query? 

Then in dawned on me: Peanut and Raine. Potential hippy names, I suppose. I quickly explained that both were nicknames. That Peanut was actually Susan and Raine was Lorraine (though to be fair, in a verbal telling of the story Raine could have easily been spelled Rain).

So a fun day with my aunts turned into a confusing conversation with Dave, which in turn became a highly amusing story. Well, maybe you had to be there. But my family sure thinks it's funny.


  1. LOL oh Meghan that was wonderful. Such great memories. I do remember us picking you up from the airport and laughing!! I love you dearly!! Always and forever,
    Aunt Peanut

  2. My favorite Peanut story is when I called her at work one day and when they asked me to whom I wished to speak, all I could think of was "Peanut." I knew that wouldn't fly, but I couldn't for the life of me remember her real name! I don't think I've ever called her Susan in my life! I eventually remembered, but I'm sure the person on the other end of the line thought I was nuts!

  3. i thought the same thing as i was reading this! "wow meghan's aunts have interesting names"

  4. Same as Ro, I was sort of thinking that I didn't realize there was a cache of hippies in your family. :)

  5. I'm sure Raine, with its stick-it-to-the-Man anarchist e on the end and everything, is high on the millennial hipster book of names.