Monday, February 28, 2011


This week is really busy - my parents are visiting! and a trip to Boston! and a wedding in New Hampshire! - so I planned ahead with a series of scheduled posts involving the aforementioned picture library.  

Last Friday some major snow came through. Had I not needed to be in the building that day I would have avoided going in to work, but alas there was much to do. I had a meeting with a guest speaker, the speaker's colloquium, and then I was to go to dinner with said speaker. By the time I left the building at 5pm the parking lot was near empty. 

After 15minutes of clearing off the car, I started to drive to dinner. I didn't get very far. I had to start, stop, and backup numerous times just to get through the parking lot. At this point I was glad there were so few cars (fewer obstacles), but was worried about the lack of people around in case I needed a push...

I didn't and was soon enough on an actual road. There are 2ways off campus: The short way that involves going down a pretty steep hill and the long way that involves, well, more driving in the snow. During previous storms I've always driven to school via the long way (to avoid going up the hill) and driven home the short way (the roads never seemed that bad). I decided to go with past experience and take the short way.

Big mistake. Gravity was not in my favor as I continued to slip and slide my way down. The worst part was not SLAMMING on the breaks. I was riding them a bit, but as you continue to speed up and loose traction every instinct in your body is telling you to hit the breaks. Though that would of course only make things worse. About half-way down the hill I decided going to dinner was just crazy and that I was instead going home.

Upon arrival to my house I stared at my unplowed driveway. This was going to be rough. Many attempts were needed just to clear the incline that sits at the very foot. I was pushing my car so hard just to make it in the driveway. It was ridiculous. I finally got up and then got stuck maybe 10feet in front of the garage. Fantastic. Out came the shovel and I dug my way in.

That's when my neighbor came home (I could have used his help earlier), but I was able to help him get his car tucked away for the night. And then we both joyfully discussed how we were hunkering down for the night.

I tell you all of this to make the following point: Sledding with my brother - which appears to be the goal in the following pictures - would have been a much less stressful way to spend almost an hour in the snow. Though, someone should have probably told me back then that is was summer...

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  1. busy week! have fun!!!
    bummer about all the snow. hopefully the worst is over!