Friday, August 19, 2011

room find #5

As I clean out my old room I will post some of the finds here.

Today we're going to church.

Some back-story: I grew up going to a church in Vienna some 20minutes away. This meant that I didn't really know anyone in my religious education classes. All of these other kids went to school together and knew each other. But no one went to Dogwood with me. I was the lonely Reston kid. This all changed during 8th grade confirmation classes in which Kristin (also a Reston-dweller) and I found each other. We didn't really know each other well at that point, but to just. know. someone. was fantastic enough.

The point of the story is this: No other Reston kids during elementary school, but during middle school there was finally someone I knew from outside of church.

Given all of that, imagine my surprise when I ran across a list of the other kiddos receiving their first communion in 1990:

There are a few other familiar names there (Amy Kneuven, anyone?), but most notably is KRISTIN DELO. And this was back IN 2ND GRADE. We didn't know each other, but oh man, then if we could have just made the connection, weekly Catholic classes for the next SIX YEARS would have been much more tolerable.

And Kristin... always remember to grab, squeeze, pull, twist, and as a last resort, bite.*

*I'll explain that to the rest of you in a later post.


  1. yall coulda been friends earlier!

  2. holy crap! i need to find my first communion photos immediately. or ask my mom to find them. also...why on earth do you still have this? BUT. really, it's proof that we were destined to be friends. hahahaha this is awesome.