Monday, August 8, 2011

room find #4

As I clean out my old room I will post some of the finds here.

Today we're going to review my scientific beginnings.

 Dogwood Elementary School

Rock Candy
Problem: What I want to find out.  
How to make rock candy crystals.
How I solved my problem: What I did.  
I mixed sugar and water and put food coloring in one glass. I attached a string to a pencil and put the string into the mixture.
My conclusions: What I found out.  
I learned that it takes a long time for crystals to form and that the crystals grew on top of the mixture before they grew on the string.
Brief sketch of project 
[Step-by-step illustrations with taste reviews: "mm"]

I was even awarded (er, recognized) (for participating) for my groundbreaking Science Fair project:


Now I really want some rock candy. It's so simple!


  1. Rock candy experiments sound fantastic. How can we combine rock candy and fluency? :)

  2. are you saving all of this stuff or throwing it away?

  3. ro!, Throwing it out for the most part. It's now immortalized on my hard drive - and the internet - so I'm good with that.

  4. I have no recollection of the project! Did you eat the rock candy--or was the 'mm' wishful thinking?

  5. I remember it! I made 2kinds and they sat in glasses above the woodbox while they "grew." Dad helped me with it. I also remember sneaking pieces during the process.

  6. This experiment was compromised.