Saturday, June 18, 2011

may 31

Nothing too much to report from the first day of travel. Really because it was all travel. I had a 6:50pm flight out of Boston to Amsterdam. So, a flight at almost 7pm. What time did I leave my house? 9am. It was a long day. I drove down to Augusta to catch a bus, rode the bus to Boston, and then sat in the airport from 1:30pm on. Fantastic. The wait was even more excruciating due to the plane being over an hour late. Double fun. 

The seats on the plane were configured in a 2 - 3 - 2 arrangement. I had the luck of drawing the exact middle seat, and was none too pleased. Turns out, it was lucky as no one was sitting on either side of me. Between having the room to spread out and my total pillow, the flight wasn't too bad. Actually, I did get sick during the last hour, which was the opposite of comfortable, but I obviously survived.

Up next: Flight #2 and arriving in Edinburgh.


  1. I plan on reading all of your posts about your trip when Michael comes home tonight--expect a lot of comments! :)