Wednesday, May 25, 2011

my so-called life

I recently found the entire (19-episode) series of My So-Called Life on Nextflix. Back in 1994/5, when I was 12ish, I loved this show. I remember thinking Angela was so cool. Ricky was fun and unique, though I'm not quite sure I "got" him or the social commentary of the character back then. Rayanne was... Rayanne. I never understood having Rayanne as a friend and, quite honestly, I still don't. And Brian is the sweetheart that gets stepped on, but you just know one day he's going to win. Anyway, though short-lived, I liked the show and am pretty sure every girl my age did too. In hindsight I can definitely see a lot of my teenage self in Angela. Mostly the insecurities. And the confusion. And the over-analysis of every. little. detail.

All of that aside, re-watching the show has brought back other memories: A crush on Jordan Catalano. [Why do they always say his last name?] Sure he had his flaws (being held back - twice!, non-communicative, and ultimately insecure himself), but there was something about him that was (is!) alluring. He's this tough-guy, but deep down he has feelings for Angela. Masculine, yet vulnerable. To pre-high school me, Jordan Catalano was the epitome of high-school-boy-cool. Thus a crush was born. And now that I just watched the show again, I must admit that my school-girl crush is back, in all of its ridiculousness.

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  1. I too also enjoyed the discovery of My So Called Life on netflix. I used to watch it when it first was on TV. I was surprised that it only lasted one season.