Sunday, May 15, 2011


I've had my phd since August and have gotten through 2 whole semesters as a college professor. Despite that, it didn't "feel" official until a few days ago. This was when my chair approached me in regards to a student complaint.

I rolled my eyes, fully well knowing the who and why.

The specifics of this situation don't matter. A student didn't like a decision I made and complained to the chair. The chair asked about it (2weeks later) and saw no reason to address anything beyond that. Situation over.

Just feels like a right of passage.


  1. Welcome to the club--the days of respecting authority, experience, or knowledge is LONG past.

  2. I actually thought that "respecting authority, experience, and knowledge" is exactly what happened. The chair didn't grill you or anything like that. He/she basically said, "you're the boss in that class," and said you were good to go. Nice work!

  3. From Helen:

    I applaud the Chair's decision; I deplore the student's action. Most professors are honest and fair in their dealings with students. Unfortunately, we live in a world where that honesty and fairness is viewed as personal bias and whimsy.