Thursday, March 17, 2011

eurotrip, III

(eurotrip: part I, part II)

Well, I've made my 2night reservation in Amsterdam!

This proved to be a tad bit tricky given my following requirements: be near Missy & Franklin's hotel, spend less than $125/night, must have private bath in room, and should be bigger than a closet. After a couple of near-misses (almost booked at a place that had the potential to be skeevy), I have found a place. Check. Check. Check. And check.

It's not exactly a hotel, or a guesthouse, or... I have no real idea. My impression is that it's a room. Below a building.

It looks to be a fairly unique place, with a ridiculous glassed wall/door bathroom (good thing I'm staying there alone!). It's in a monument building, though I'm unsure as to what exactly that means (old? protected?). While it sounds cool enough, I really don't know what I'm getting myself into. It could be great, it could not. It's an adventure, right?

The location is right, though. Here are the walking directions the owner gave me: From Central Station take the street directly in front (Damrak). When you reach Dam Square walk between the Palace and the Church. Molsteeg is the little street in front (a little to the right).

So I'm near a palace? Awesome. The owner also says I'm about a 3minute walk from Missy & Franklin. I think that's complete b.s. and it's more like 10minutes, but I'll take it.

There's one thing, though: While it's completely confirmed (via email and "my" dates are no longer available online), I have put no money down on this place. You pay in cash upon arrival. It just seems so trusting. On both of our parts. What if I don't show up? Then he's out income. What if he gives it to someone else? Then I'm homeless. I'm feeling very type A, planner about this. But I'll get over it. See above reference to adventure.

And now for the obligatory questions: Been to Amsterdam? What should I see and do?

Next up: Making train reservations.


  1. Okay so it's been awhile since I went to Amsterdam, but it was a blast (and I was there on Easter weekend- so really?)- and the place you're staying looks so much more on the up and up than the place i stayed i'm sure you'll be fine (dirty italians having sex in our group hostel room) Touring the heinekin plant was really fun. I went to whatever the famous art museum was (the one with the starry night painting- interesting, but not by far the highlight of the weekend) ann frank's house had a huge line for tickets so we decided not to wait. there is just tons to walk around and look at/experience there, the river is so pretty- just hanging out and trying the different food was fun.

  2. Van Gogh museum. Visit cafes. Lots of them. Often. Rembrandt and/or red light district. Nothing says class like the 10am peep show.