Wednesday, March 16, 2011

eurotrip, II

(eurotrip: part I)

I now, officially, have a place to stay in Edinburgh: St. Mary's Street Apartment.

It's not perfectly central to all of the things I want to do while there, but it is within 5walking minutes of the train station and even less than that to the Royal Mile (I'm down by the Holyrood Abbey end).

There was this other apartment that had views OVERLOOKING the castle, but that was a bit too pricey. Oh well, I can still WALK to the castle, with it being just over 1/2mile away. 

My goal for the entirety of the trip (all 14nights), was to stay someplace that cost less than $100/night. With the current $ to £/€ exchange rates, this was proving to be quite the challenge. It is almost impossible to find a place for that amount in a desirable location that is bigger than a closet and has a private bath. So I had to go up a bit in budget to about $125/night, which I successfully met with this place. And honestly, I only felt comfortable doing that due to my parents' gift for London. THANKS!

Anyway, if you've been to Edinburgh, let me know what you recommend I do. I have 2.5days.


  1. we ended up doing one of those double decker bus tours. while cheesy, it got us around the city pretty easily. we went to the castle, obvs. holyrood palace is cool...i don't remember going in though, so i don't know how awesome the experience might really be.

    i wish i had more time in ediburgh when i was there, it seems like a really fun city to just hang out!

  2. Really nice place! I'm impressed--so is June considered mid-season or high season? That gives me an idea how much you're paying! The location sounds terrific. Enjoy!

  3. Go on the underground ghost tour... You get to see parts of the buried city and enter and exit the catacombs through random city features. Make sure to climb Arthur's Peak, incredible view.