Monday, February 21, 2011

ode to owed

the time has come, the government said,
to pay us our money due.
for four years you glided by
without any interest accrue.

but now it is owed, if you're ready or not,
the principal on your loan.
oh! and don't forget those finance charges,
the ones to surely make you moan.

you have graduated and found a job,
one that pays you relatively well.
we gave you time to acquire the funds -
six months is quite the spell.

so on the fourteenth we expect your check,
in whatever amount you see fit.
but know the more you pay upfront
the faster you will be done with it.


  1. "surelly"? Surely not!

    Waxing poetical in homage to the government! So glad to know all that education is paying off! (pun intended)

  2. Oh my. Paying off a loan never sounded so...cheerful?