Friday, February 18, 2011


I often find myself "singing" a song in my head or counting while I walk. To amp it up though, if I notice that I'm not walking with my left foot on the down beat (or an odd number) I stumble-step to make it right. Not only do I momentarily look like a fool, but it's a constant reminder that I'm a band dork.
I ordered 2dresses online for the previously-mentioned wedding and they have arrived! They arrived early, right before I left for work, so I haven't had a chance to try them on yet. Guess what I'm doing when I get home...
Things I find immensely, if not unnecessarily, satisfying: 

1. Peeling off nail polish and face masks in one piece.
2. Being the first person to watch a Netflix DVD.
3. When playing a computerized game, attaining a score that ends in 00.
I will never - ever - leave a toaster plugged in. Remember that show Rescue 911? As I kid I watched an episode in which a family went on vacation and their toaster burned the house down. [I'm now having visions of a personified toaster - ala The Brave Little Toaster, though malicious - laughing maniacally while it starts crumb fires all over the kitchen.] Now I don't leave toasters plugged in. Just in case. And this behavior was only reinforced when my toaster caught on fire in grad school. I was there, no big deal. But it just confirms that they are dangerous contraptions out to get us.
Last night I heard Lisa Cortes, a producer from Precious, speak. It was framed as a talk about social change/activism through film, which it wasn't. It was more about her journey to becoming a producer and a tiny bit about the creative process behind Precious. I was hoping for more, but still an hour well-spent.
Tomorrow night I'm going to see A Midsummer Night's Disco Dream. My only desire is that there be copious amounts of glitter.
Apparently I have a pathological need to hyperlink today.

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  1. I need a post about A Midsummer Night's Disco Dream--how can you not tell us about it!