Wednesday, December 1, 2010

money makes the world go 'round...

... and makes me want to pull my hair out. 

Nothing ever seems to be simple. Let me recount the various ways in which it has recently been far more time consuming that it needs to be:

The case of the visiting... who?

The contract I signed with Colby stated that my rank, and subsequent salary, would be dependent upon successfully completing my dissertation (i.e., graduating). If I did so, I would be a Visiting Assistant Professor. If not, I would be a Visiting Instructor and my salary would be $1000 less. [Side note: Is that all 6years of my life is worth!? $1000?] Now, I technically only graduated 10days or so before my contract started and I never actually provided Colby with proof that I graduated, but I was listed various places as a VAP, so I was just going to wait and see if they were paying me appropriately.

September paycheck: $83.33 missing from my check

Not a huge deal, I call and see what I need to do to be listed correctly. I was actually flying back to Oxford the next day, so it would be easy to get the documentation I needed (specifically, a letter of completion). I brought the letter back and sent it off to the right office via campus mail. Of course, I initially forgot about it, and didn't send it until at least mid-October.

October paycheck: $83.33 missing from my check

Okay. Maybe I sent the letter too late and there wasn't enough time to process everything. I'll wait.

November paycheck: $83.33 missing from my check

Ah! Give me my money! I called and explained the situation... after a few minutes of searching, "Here's your letter! I haven't even opened it." Seriously? Well get on that. I'm assured that future checks will both a) reflect the appropriate payscale and b) make up the lost pay. Here's hoping!

The case of the... wait, where did it go?

A couple of weeks ago I went on a job interview. As a result I had to fly from Maine to Arkansas. As one can imagine these are not easy endpoints to connect, also meaning that this was going to be an expensive trip. No big deal, the hiring school would pay, I just had to submit my receipts beforehand and a check would be there waiting. A $613.30check.

The check was. not. there. I was assured that it was put in the mail and it would be waiting for me back in Maine.

Guess what still hasn't shown up? 

After much emailing, and searching on their part it has finally shown up... sitting at the cashier's desk the entire time. It will supposedly be put in the mail tomorrow. Here's hoping!

The case of the... crap this is a long post and I can't think of an interesting title.

I have supplemental vision insurance through work. It's actually pretty good. Eye exams are only $10, I get a frame allowance of up to $140 plus 20% any overage, and the cost of basic lenses is already included.

I've needed a new prescription for at least a year now, but was waiting for insurance. This morning I go in for my exam, after which I'm picking out a frames. They run my insurance and I'm told that my exam copay is $25 and that I get 20% of lenses. 

What?! That is drastically different from what I know I'm covered for. They're quoting me the basic vision insurance. But I have supplemental! This I know! I've seen them take the $7.98 out of my check each month!

Ultimately, this confusion results in me leaving sans glasses until we could figure it all out. [Side note: The eye people were really nice though - I didn't even have to pay the copay until we know the accurate price.] Really, this meant I spent the morning talking with HR and the eye place.

The solution was actually putting me in the system. Really!? I've been paying for this crap for the past 3months and I wasn't even covered? [A similar thing happened with my actual health coverage. Gah.]

Apparently I can now go back and everything will be good to go. Here's hoping!

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