Sunday, November 7, 2010

on repeat

Do you have those movies that, if they are playing on TV, you will watch them? Almost no matter what? Sure, you've seen them 23405times. Sure, you may actually own the DVD. But for some reason, you still watch them when broadcast? The frequency with which I've seen these movies does not necessarily reflect the quality of the movies. I wouldn't even say that they all rank in terms of my favorite movies. And I don't always actually "watch" when they're on TV; they're mostly just on in the background. Despite all this, my viewing habits are fairly predictable when I stumble across these movies.

Here are the ones I can't seem to turn away from, in no particular order:

2. Bad Boys (I & II) [It must be something about Will Smith.]
5. any Harry Potter [I'm even predicting this for the movies that have yet to be on TV/released.]

Don't judge.

What are your must-watch-if-on-TV movies?


  1. The Last Samurai
    Last of the Mohicans
    The Day After
    Pride and Prejudice (both versions)

    It's really annoying since I have most of these on DVD and despise commercial interruptions, but I'll still sit through an additional 30-40 minutes of commercials whenever these show up on TV!

  2. Footloose
    Any Harry Potter, obvs.
    16 Candles
    Remember the Titans
    The Notebook (so. much. crying.)
    The Mummy and The Mummy Returns

    Seriously, I have seen the Mummy movies a LOT of times. I sort of hate myself for it.