Monday, August 2, 2010


This summer I've been steadily trying to buy a work wardrobe. Part of this has been jewelry. Most of you know that I'm not really a "jewelry person." I've never really worn much, but I've decided to try and change this and have been buying a few pieces.

This post was supposed to be a catalog of the jewelry, but as you'll soon see it's turned more into "Meghan tried to take a picture of something small and shiny but her camera is not nearly good enough to pick up on the detail and the flash is out of control." Or something like that. Periodically I'll have a desire to buy a really nice DSLR and learn all the various doohickeys (technical term) and techniques to take truly interesting pictures (like Rosa or Franklin). Reality has always set in reminding me that I didn't have the $$, the time or would probably get bored, but I'm once again considering it (after a few paychecks roll in). Despite the current camera situation, here are the pictures of my current favorites.

Orange rhinestone flower.
Elephant charm with rhinestones.
More rhinestones! Black flower with cut-out flower design on other side.


  1. Pretty stuff--but I agree--get yourself a good camera--yours is pretty old: I should know, we gave it you ages ago! Treat yourself now--there might never be a better time

  2. Your camera may have a button the has a flower on it. It's for macro pictures or in layman's terms, close up pictures.

  3. I didn't know you have such a thing for rhinestones. Fun fact!

  4. well you know i'm gonna comment on the post that has shiny things.

    so pretty!

  5. The sparkles are fantastic and seem to be very in right now.