Friday, July 30, 2010

on the road again

After being home for less than 12hours I hit the road again, this time to see the Fosters. Meredith, Geoff & Maddie, along with other family members, were vacationing on Mount Desert Island for the week. They were staying at this great house in Pretty Marsh that overlooked Western Bay.

That afternoon we hung around the house for a bit before going down to Southwest Harbor with Christian, Colleen & their kids. This is where we learned that Maddie loves ice cream. She was into the vanilla, but absolutely loved the chocolate. I didn't get a picture in time, but trust me, adorable. It was a cute little harbor town. Very touristy. After that we (not the Hunters, though) went to the Bass Harbor lighthouse. In yesterday's post I detailed the differences between ME and NC beaches... their lighthouse are equally different (ME, NC). A member of the Coast Guard (along with his/her family) lives there and operates the lighthouse. It's actually a pretty cool concept, though it obviously inhibited us from climbing in the house itself. It did, however, prompt a desire in Geoff to join the Coast Guard so he could live there. While there, Meredith and I did learn something very important:

"Grass grows by inches, dies by feet."
Translation: Stay off the grass. GEOFF.

We were able to walk down the front side of the lighthouse and down the cliffs out the back. It was all really pretty. We also saw this ship, which Geoff drooled over. Now that I think about it, I'm surprised we were able to get Geoff away from there. Meredith and I tried to apply our limited knowledge of physics to understand how the ship was moving forward practically into the wind. We failed. Geoff shrugged, clearly superior in his sailing knowledge.

That night we celebrated Nan's upcoming birthday. Meredith and Geoff gave her CDs full of music that had the top song from her birthday each year. It was quite the interesting compilation. After the eating, and drinking, and some tag-team crossword puzzle action, we all settled down to bed.

The next morning we were off to Bar Harbor. [But not before finishing the crossword. Go team!] When I was first telling people that I was moving to Maine, many kept telling me that I just had to go to Bar Harbor. Or, Bah Hahbah. Again, a touristy place, though much more popular than SW. It was cute. We did a little shopping, went down to the water, went to a whale museum and had lunch (I had great lobster empanadas... yum!). Now I can check this place off my list. However, I'll probably be going back to the area because it is adjacent to Acadia National Park, which I really want to spend some time in.

I'm glad I was able to spend time with Meredith and her family, as well as see little Madeline again. This is only the 2nd time I've seen her, the 1st being in December, so it was great to get to know her a little better. All in all, another successful outing in Maine. Glad I could share it with friends.

I'll leave you with this picture from BH:

Maddie and cousin Liam playing footsie.


  1. Wow--a whirlwind tour of the Maine coastline. Next time, stop at one of the lobster shacks on the docks. Very inexpensive lobster and corn cooked right off the boats. And take pictures of these gorgeous houses you keep mentioning!

  2. That's a pretty sweet couple of days with the CC! I'm hopeful that we'll get to meet Maddie before we have to start giving her sex talks or something. :)