Friday, August 6, 2010

smooth operator

I've been making smoothies recently. Throw some frozen (mostly organic!) mixed fruit into a blender. Add a tiny bit of juice, maybe some sparkling water. Done. 

I love fruit, but when I buy fresh fruit I usually go overboard and buy too much. And then it sits. And goes bad. And is such a waste. I decided that smoothies would be a great way to get my 2-4 recommended servings of fruit, without wasting so much. But, really, fruit has not been the problem.

It's been the vegetables. As most of you know, vegetables aren't really my friend. I actually like a lot of them; just not the popular ones. Is it usually offered as a pizza topping? Then I hate it. In some otherwise delicious sounding offering at a restaurant? Then get rid of it. I try to get some vegetable in me every day, but it's usually a fail. I'm no where near getting my 3-5 recommended servings a day. Must find a solution.

The other week I was reading (one of the) blogs of (one of my) favorite writers: amalah. On one of the blogs, a reader asked her what to do with leftover baby food. Amalah provided a whole host of ideas, one of which involved adding the frozen veggies to fruit smoothies. I have no baby, therefore I have no left over baby food, but why couldn't this work for me? Why couldn't I "trick" myself into eating more vegetables? 

Add them to the smoothies! 

This morning I did just that. I didn't have any frozen vegetables on hand, but surely fresh spinach would work, right? It sure did. It turned my smoothie an ugly ugly color, but there's very little change in taste. Now to experiment with more fruit-veggie combinations.

I'm proud of myself, though simultaneously amused that I have to treat myself like a toddler to get vegetables in me.

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  1. this cracks me up. remembering how much you avoid veggies at all cost, I am surprised/proud/amused to hear that you ate spinach. of course, that being said, I am now tempted to try adding greens or carrots to my morning smoothies.