Wednesday, August 4, 2010

it's time to take out the trash

I love living in a house. I only share walls, well the ceiling, with one other person. I have a garage. There are multiple entrances. I enjoy all of this, and have even gotten in the habit of making sure each of the 4 doors is locked. One thing at which I have consistently failed though: taking out the trash.

After 7 years in 2 apartments, I've gotten used to handling my garbage a certain way. When the can is full or smells like a dead mongoose take it out to the communal dumpster. Done! It was so easy.

The current trash situation isn't any more difficult, per se, it's just... different. I need to learn. The current routine involves taking the full and/or smelly trash to the garage. Not a problem. The next step is where I encounter the problems. Every week I have forgotten to take the trash down to the street on trash day. Previous weeks I've been reminded by seeing others' garbage stacked and have quickly run my bags down. This week I wasn't reminded until I heard the garbage truck on another street. Hurry! Go! 

Don't you fret. I made it.

Hopefully I won't take too much longer to catch on to the new system.

In related news: In the past 3 weeks my upstairs neighbor hasn't taken trash to the curb once. Either he is the new Captain Planet or... ew.

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  1. Is there a big trash pile under one of his windows or anything?