Thursday, August 26, 2010

hanging out with the boys

While back in Virginia, I got to spend a considerable amount of time, on 2 separate days, with Kelley and her lovely boys, Ryan & Jack. This was - maybe - the 5th time I've ever seen them. Not nearly enough.

I've been able to tell the twins apart for a long time now, but it was great to actually meet them and begin to understand who they are as individuals. As one would expect from near 2-year olds, their personalities are bursting forth and they're quickly graduating from baby-hood to little person-hood. It's clear that they're brothers, and adore each other, and want to be involved with what the other is doing... but they also react to things differently. It's fascinating. I'm not sure I ever want - or could handle having - twins, but the idea of raising two people in the same environment, at the same time, and observing the outcome differences makes the scientist (i.e., dork) in me giddy.

But to sum up: Those kids kick some serious booty. 

[Oh! Quick aside about another near 2-year old, Dean. While in Ohio I got him to start singing "Shake your booty." Laugh with me.]

I was actually pretty amazed at how quickly the boys warmed up to me. Ryan was initially a little wary, but with some slight coaxing from Kelley he allowed me to play with him. A few minutes later, I got a smile. Jack wasn't pleased with my arrival and would. not. leave. mommy, but once he saw that Ryan and I were best peeps, he wanted in on the action. Fun afternoons with blocks and books and Virginia Tech brainwashing videos (they already know how to spell - for the most part - HOKIES).

Of course, these visits weren't just about playing with adorable toddlers, but catching up with Kelley. Kel and I weren't initially friends way back at South Lakes (10 years ago, seriously?!). Long story short, we were jealous of the other, quickly got over that, and have been friends since. We don't always keep in constant touch, but when we do connect it's always effortless and comfortable and great. I know you're jealous. I'm lucky she considers me a friend.

And with that, I'll leave you with this short video of Ryan and Jack. They're initially mugging for the camera (as Kelley points out: they're used to having their picture taken), but then begin spinning around in their Elmo chairs. Such charmers!



  1. so scientist, are we products of our environment or not?

  2. You need at least 2 PhDs to figure that one out.