Tuesday, July 5, 2011

morning misses

LB:  so i drove into work today, and i left at 7 thinking there would be so much traffic and it would take me over an hour... by 7:30 i had purchased coffee and was sitting at my desk with my computer totally powered up. timing fail.

MH: ouch.


MH: so i curled my hair this morning and then i laid down for a bit... and now that side is flat. excuse me while i go lay down on the other side.

LB: i love it.


  1. Brian and Christy's flight was this morning and before I went into work I dropped them off at Dulles. I figured that after I dropped them off I would be able to use the access road and laugh my way pass bumper to bumper, rush hour traffic. Everyone decided to take another day off and the toll road was empty. No advantage. Although the trip was free.

  2. I got up early (6am) to take Jessie for her walk--since she has 'other dog' issues, avoidance is the best solution; therefore, the earlier the start, the better. These last three days, no one has been walking early (before 8am) because of the holiday--figured everyone would be out today by 6:30 or so--didn't meet a single soul during the whole 45-minute walk. (Did come across one turtle [Jessie barked like crazy but wouldn't touch it at all; I think she was more scared than the turtle--he kept moving along after the initial 'head tuck'] and a deer, only mildly startled by us--took a few steps and was back to grazing. The deer around here are way too tame for their own good!)

  3. Haha, I saw this before and after you made the name changes, and I was confused both times ;).

  4. PS: Love the new header!!

  5. L., there are just too many L/Laura B's in my life! Or you know, 2 of them.

    And thanks... I got the idea from you and the link you shared :)