Friday, July 22, 2011

MIFF, take 5 ... and some other stuff

Last night I saw Dabangg.

The lead wasn't the best dancer. It was obvious that there was some lip syncing (the point here being the obviousness of it all, not that it happened). The subtitles were inaccurate or even completely missing at some points (Google translate, anyone?).

Overall, it was ridiculous.

In a completely fantastic kind of way. I'm not trying to say "it's so bad it's good" (e.g., ala Starship Troopers), but that despite its failings it is still good. In a over-the-top kind of way. In a Quentin Tarantino made a Bollywood movie kind of way. I mean, he didn't - at least not this one - but that's the vibe. Numerous stylized fight scenes interspersed with large group singing/dancing numbers. Throw in some family issues and a love story just to give the movie a plot [But who really needs a plot? Give me more fighting! Dancing!] and you have 2hours of Dabangg.

Plus the title is just fun.


The film let out at 12am, and as we left the auditorium on campus there was this beautiful (and extremely large) light show outside. And by light show I mean terrifyingly close heat lightening storm. It really was amazing. So we just stood there for at least 15minutes watching it. Every bolt would light up the entire sky in the direction we were looking. The most spectacular ones would include the visible bolts of light traveling horizontally (at least that was the visual signal) from cloud to cloud.

I guess that was the one positive thing about this oppressive "feels like 100+degrees heat" up here in the world of non-conditioned air.


And to my parents: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Love you!

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