Thursday, July 7, 2011

laura b.

I want to create a series of posts in which I highlight my friends. Nothing intense nor too trip-down-memory-lane-ish. Just a quick anecdote that comes to mind when I think of them. 

This time we have Laura. The other Laura. The original L.B. in my life.

It was Christmastime. In high school? College? Perhaps I was in college and Laura was in high school? Really, it could have been anytime between 1999 and 2002.

We were alone at her house and admiring the holiday decorations. Well, not so much admiring them as remarking at the juxtaposition of the standard-shelf-adorning items and the holiday accoutrement. Namely, there was something about a cannon (non-holiday item), a Christmas village, and a Santa figurine that that was larger than the largest house in the village. So you know, a towering 3.5inches tall.

For some unknown reason we began creating a little scenario for the "characters" above, with voices and all. I don't remember the exact storyline, but I believe it somehow involved Santa entering the village Godzilla-style and dominating the cannon. What is important is the following dialogue:

Santa to Cannon: Say my name, bitch.
Cannon to Santa (in wavering, fearful voice; shaking): Santa! Santa!

Oh did we laugh. HARD.

A bit later, one of Laura's friends (Adam T., mayhaps?) came over and we decided to recreate the exchange. Oddly, he did not find it as amusing as us.

Whatever. I'm still laughing.

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