Thursday, May 12, 2011


As I've briefly mentioned, my parents got a new dog: Jessie!

Our beloved Siberian Husky, Scout, passed last summer. While she has been missed, my parents (and brother) have been wanting to get another dog. Being the responsible people they are, they waited until my mom was done teaching for the year so that someone could be home with the new dog full-time at the beginning. You know, so new dog didn't wreck the house up. Or think that it was unloved. Probably, really, so that it could bond exclusively with my mom, which would allow my mom to proudly proclaim that SHE was leader of the pack (I know your tricks, MOM).

So a little over a week ago the family went to a shelter out in Loudoun to check out a pup they saw online. By the end of the visit they had adopted her. There was a brief delay so that Loudoun Co. could verify that my parents weren't dog-abusing maniacs, and Jessie came home the following Tuesday.

Not sure when I'll meet her, but I'm looking forward to it.

breed: German Shepard (definitely) and Australian Cattle Dog (maybe)
age: 4 years (according to shelter) or younger (according to family vet)
history: found as a stray; previously adopted but returned because not good with other dog in home
disposition: full of energy; needs a harness for maximum walk-control; intelligent
loves: squeaky toys
looks: absolutely adorable


  1. I totally see some Australian Cattle Dog :). Sorry I haven't been commenting...I fell off the planet for a little bit!

  2. Jessie sort of looks like Marshall. A little bit? Or is it just my imagination?