Thursday, April 28, 2011

talk talk talk

You know what bothers me? Professionally?

Going to some form of presentation in which the speaker has Xminutes to get their point across, but said speaker fails miserably. In other words, they go well over the time allotted.

This happened last night. Three speakers, one hour: GO. The first speaker went 25minutes. Fine, I can deal with that. The third speaker went 15minutes. Perfect. But that second speaker? Close to 45minutes.

You're an educator! You present information for a living! You must know how much you can fit into a given amount of time!

On top of that, the material presented wasn't even relevant.

So frustrating.

1 comment:

  1. OMG. One of my biggest pet peeves. I HATE it when people go over their allotted time. This is what we do for a living people! For instance, every year I see someone at MPA who goes over their 15 minutes and I am like, "did you not know this ahead of time?" It isn't just inconsiderate to the audience, but it is completely crappy to the other speakers who may have planned properly but now have to rush to fit it in (though your third speaker seems like he was just full of fail).