Thursday, January 13, 2011

... winter wonderland

Picture update to the previous post. [Ahem, Franklin.]

This picture may not make much sense, so let me explain. You're looking at my driveway. The bottle is on the actual driveway, in maybe an inch of snow (the plow came by last night, while it was still snowing), and all the snow behind is on the grass. Why the bottle? For reference. I don't have a yardstick. Plus it's Blue Moon Winter Ale. Appropriate, no? I'd also like to point out that the back-snow isn't an accurate representation of how much it snowed yesterday... There was an equally big storm December 27, plus there's maybe 4-5added inches of height on it due to the plow. BUT that doesn't mean there isn't a ton of snow here. See across the street:

Sure, that's all plowed snow, but still. The big pile is from my neighbor plowing the street between our 2houses last night. On a different note: Look how clear the streets are! And it stopped snowing less than 12hours ago. [They naturally plowed earlier than that, but later came back through to get rid of all the slush.] Well done, Maine, well done.

Here's purely untouched snow in front of my house. It's not the largest amount of snow ever - I'd say about 15inches - but it will be interesting to see how high it gets as the storms accumulate. 


And no, mom, I didn't do a darn thing to prepare, aside from bringing work home on Tuesday. It was only going to last a day... and I already had toilet paper. Though by mid-day I couldn't see much out of the windows due the wind blowing snow against them. Sideways snow: not cool.


  1. You'll learn...maybe weather forecasters are better up there than they are down here. I love the beer bottle yardstick--although a wine bottle would be better: they're taller!

    I'm disappointed--thought you'd get lots more than that and, yes, the absolutely clear street is impressive. We got two inches and there's still snow on Bayard!

  2. that is a lot of snow. i like that it's still pretty. snow here gets dirty so quickly.

  3. That's an impressive amount of snow!

    ...I bet you haven't had any snow days off yet though. Bummer.