Monday, October 18, 2010


For whatever reason I decided to cook 2nights in a row. Now, when I say cook I mean follow a recipe that has more than 3steps. And requires the use of concentration. And more than 10minutes. And tons of dishes. And a special shopping trip to get the required ingredients.

So overall, big deal for me... I'm usually pretty lazy when it comes to food.

Last night I made bacon spinach risotto and tonight it was veal piccata.

I know from watching multiple seasons of Top Chef that risotto is a notoriously difficult dish. And I agree. It was a lot of work. But given that it was my first time I was pretty impressed. If I make it in the future I will use more liquid and about twice the amount of bacon. Bacon!

I wasn't totally unfamiliar with making piccata; I've seen someone making chicken piccata before. Unfortunately, the veal selection at the local grocer wasn't great (read: they only had one option), so I had to use a tougher grade of meat, but overall, I still think it was pretty successful. Maybe a bit too lemony. But something I want to try again.

Now I just have a bunch of leftovers to eat through. 

Oh, and there's those dishes...


  1. I'm impressed! It's always a bummer when the store doesn't have the exact ingredients you want/need. You know I cook a lot (when I have the time) and all from recipes. Despite that, I am not a knowledgeable cook--if it's not written down, I don't make it! Ergo, I am clueless about substitute ingredients, meat cuts, fish types, etc., if the exact thing is not on the shelf. I admire you for making it work. Are you cooking for us when you come home this weekend?

  2. So you really were washing dishes that night. Not just rattling it around to make sounds. I kid :P

  3. It is surprising how many dishes and utensils you can go through just in cooking one meal. But there is something very satisfying about knowing you actually really truly made something and know every ingredient you put in it.