Thursday, September 9, 2010

the dark

Live someplace long enough - maybe not even that long - and you can easily walk around in the dark. You know where the furniture is. Where walls and doorways are. Sure you might brush up against something every now and then, but, in general you have the spatial mapping down.

I recently got to that level of knowledge with my new place.

Or so I thought.

Scene: Last night. I was going to bed. The lights all off. I decided to make slight detour and confirm that the door was locked (warning: don't deviate from the planned route!). On the way to my room I ran straight into the fridge. Not just a slight bump at the corner, but dead center. A frontal attack.

Guess I need to adapt a little more than I thought.


  1. Your blog makes me laugh every time I read it--you paint such wonderful visual images. So which eye is black, or is it the nose that's squashed?

  2. did you also talk to yourself when you made such an awfully wrong turn? I used to do this, like voicing my mistake made it less embarrassing for the empty room to witness.