Friday, July 23, 2010

my things!

As is typical of many Americans, I wanted my things. I like my things. Life is not complete without my things! I don't actually believe that I have that much "stuff," especially after my pre-move purge. Useless thing? Gone. Redundant things? Sayonara. "When did I get this?" things? Out. Despite this, there's always some measure of comfort to be had when you are with your "things." Not only did this apply to the things that, I believe, represent me, but really, I just wanted my couch and bed. 

The movers were initially to show up Tuesday, but on Saturday they informed me that Monday was delivery-day. Holler. There is, of course, the large arrival window (12-4 in this case) to wait through, but they were there by 12:30ish. Holler, again. Earlier in the day, I decided to meet my neighbors on either side to tell them that a large truck would most likely be blocking their driveways. To the right, there's an older woman (Julie?) who watches her son's great dane during the day. As of right now that dog likes to bark ferociously at me. I'm assured he's really gentle, though. To the left are Drew and Rachel. Drew is a fireman.

My things arrive and I direct the movers as to where everything should go. It doesn't actually take too long because I don't have that much stuff. The furniture, for the most part, has survived the journey (one lamp is slight misshapen, meh), but the boxes. Oh my, the boxes. They are coming off the truck looking like an elephant sat on them. Corners crushed, tape coming off, rips. I'd say 75% of these boxes had been previously used (2x), so they weren't in the best shape to begin with, but even the new boxes had given way. Slight anxiety started to set in. 

Once everything was in I had to sign many pieces of paper saying all of my things had arrived. If you remember back to my previous post I was quoted $45682149.23 for the move (I've rounded up slightly). Really, it was estimated that I had 3650lbs of stuff. In actuality? 2120lbs. Meghan wins! I think the initial number was a combination of purging, taking my books with me, and the estimator just being really off the mark. Of course, the actual movers don't know how much it will all cost, but as of yet, I haven't been charged anything (hopefully meaning it didn't go over Colby's $1500 contribution). An invoice is getting mailed to me so I can know for sure.

Despite the condition of the boxes, everything made it. Unpacking wasn't too bad. I finished at least 80% of it on Monday and most of the remainder on Tuesday. Now I only need to buy some bookcases and a TV stand to put away the rest. All in all, not too bad at all. Below are pictures.

My dining room/workspace.

A view of the dining room from the living room.

Living room with sad little TV and stand.

Another place to sleep. This time indoors!

My bedroom, obviously.

My corner closet, that has no door. Curtains will have to do.
There is, also, a kitchen, bathroom and 2nd bedroom, but nothing too exciting is going on there.


  1. Looks very roomy! I think you need rugs--all that hardwood flooring needs some dressing up. I want to see the kitchen!

  2. I like the bedroom closet with curtains. Very Clean House :)