Wednesday, July 28, 2010

house of glass

There are some of you that saw my place in Ohio. The small, semi-underground one-bedroom apartment. It wasn't the nicest place, it wasn't the worst, but it had plenty of space and fantastic rent. The one thing that it seriously lacked was windows. There were 2 long, ground-level windows. Given that this was an apartment building, they were on the same (North) side of the apartment, facing the parking lot. Great view! Anyway, I would have liked more windows. I have that here. 

If we consider the house (not the porch), these are the windows I have:
  • 4 dining room (1 in the door)
  • 3 living room
  • 3 kitchen (1 in the door)
  • 2 bedroom
  • 1 other bedroom
  • 1 bathroom

That's 14 windows, on all 4 sides of the house. Fantastic! Throw in the 15 on the porch and there are 29 windows. Plus 2 interior glass french doors! Okay, those last 2 shouldn't count, but all of the windows feel like such a luxury, and I still get really excited about them.

There are 2 downsides to all of these windows, though:

1. At night I feel very exposed and I had to quickly go out and buy curtains for the main living space. There are pull down shades, but I learned to hate those my first day here. The bedrooms and kitchen have horizontal blinds, so those are okay. Really, this isn't a huge deal and is already fixed. 

2. Now onto the real issue. See, in my old place, try as you might, one could not see from the outside into much of the apartment. This was especially true of the bathroom. Given this, and that I lived alone, there was really no incentive to close the bathroom door. So, when I was alone, open it stayed. This 6-year habit has been somewhat hard to break. Now you can literally be in my bathroom (at the back of the house), look through the kitchen, through the dining room, through the glass front door, through the porch all the way to the street. I doubt anyone could really see much from the street, but damn, I can see out: not ideal.  Though I have been assured by B. Drake that I am not alone in my penchant to leave the door open, this is something that will need to be monitored. So here's my advice to you single-dwellers out there: Get in the habit of closing the door now. One day you too may live in a house of glass.   

But other than that I LOVE the windows. 


  1. Our dining room has 9 windows.
    9 windows in one room!

  2. Do you know how lucky you are having windows on all fours sides of the house? Most houses built between 1970-1990 only have windows on two sides--front and back--to save on energy bills. Newer homes once again have windows on all four sides, but sparingly. Enjoy the light--you may not get it in your next home!

  3. OK, I also leave the door open, even though I live with Dan. TMI perhaps?

    I love the " day you too may live in a house of glass."

    We have 6 huge windows, yet get no direct sun. WTF?